crystalboard คริสตัลบอร์ด วัสดุทดแทน กระจก จำหน่ายโดย firstsheet วัสดุทดแทนกระจก
crystalboard คริสตัลบอร์ด วัสดุทดแทน กระจก จำหน่ายโดย firstsheet วัสดุทดแทนกระจก
  • Translucent Crystal Board

    Translucent crystal board is lasts innovation surface from Germany with the surface is high wear resistant and come in smooth satin finish, textured grades offering the right choice for a wide variety of needs and applications. Furniture and P-O-P fixtures made of First sheet Translucent crystal board collection give stores a special atmosphere and make visitors feel welcome.

    As well as the brilliant, shimmering colours, it is th hard-wearing, easy-care and warm-to-the-touch surfaces of objects created with Translucent crystal board that make for a feel-good experience. The satin surface of translucent crystal board cries out to be touched: It provides a luminous depth effect for your most attractive design possibilities. Wherever it is important to create a pleasant atmosphere for the public, promote communication and understanding or provide an ambience of eye-catching designs, translucent crystal board provides surface options to make this possible.

    The material and its look are trendy and high-class. The hardwearing surfaces retain their noble appearance even in places where they are subjected to rough treatment, such as points of sale. The many surfaces, together with the range of textures, give light designers limitless possibilities for showing off their lighting products.

    Finger marks and other traces of wear stand little chance of adhering to satin surface. Translucent crystal board has the highest surface hardness of all thermoplastics. There are also grades with a scratch resistant coating for surfaces exposed to substantial wear and tear.

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Translucent Crystal Board Collections



  • โปร่งแสง

  • สีสันคงทน รับประกัน 10 ปี

  • พื้นผิวสัมผัสซาติน

  • ผิวหน้าทนรอยขีดข่วน

  • ส่องสว่างกระจายแสงเมื่อตกแต่งร่วมกับหลอดไฟ

  • ใช้ได้ทั้งงานภายใน และภายนอกอาคาร

ตัวอย่างโครงการที่ใช้ แผ่นวัสดุปิดผิวคริสตัลบอร์ด วัสดุทดแทนกระจก

The next – generation Crystal Board is suitable for any application

crystalboard คริสตัลบอร์ด วัสดุทดแทน กระจก จำหน่ายโดย firstsheet วัสดุทดแทนกระจก
  • Application

    The lettering of the Siemens corporate logo had to have the desired colour effect, luminosity, and long service life. With PLEXIGLAS® and the right LEDs, the name now glows in the familiar corporate colour petrol.

    • Railing

    • Wall Cladding

    • Balcony

    • Fences

    • Outdoor Furniture

    • Ceilings

    • Balustrade

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