crystalboard คริสตัลบอร์ด วัสดุทดแทน กระจก จำหน่ายโดย firstsheet วัสดุทดแทนกระจก
  • Crystal Board Prime Gloss is perfect for many decorativevertical surface applications including:
    • Residential; Indoor Cabinetry

    & Furniture

    • Residential; Indoor Closets & Storage
    • Commercial; Indoor Retail, Office &

    Other Non-Residential; Cabinetry,

    Fixtures & Furniture

    • RV & Other Mobile Living; Cabinetry

    & Furniture

    • Residential & Commercial; Cabinetry

    & Furniture subjected to high moisture

    & humidity including outdoor (undercover)


Superior Features

  • Ultra high gloss and matte ripple-free surfaces

Perfectly balanced panels

  • Superior panel workability
  • Thermoformable
  • Available in a range of different cores, lengths and


UV & color change protected

  • 10 Year Indoor Warranty (7 Year Warranty for

Crystal Board Prime Gloss MPP)

Repairable gloss surface that won’t chip, crack, peel, flake

or delaminate

What does Crystal Board Prime Gloss offer?

  • Crystal Board Prime Gloss delivers a far superior surface finish and appearancethan high pressure laminate, PET, melamine, paint and RTFoffering cabinet, closet and store fixture manufacturers,millworkers, furniture makers and the design industry a

    contemporary high gloss and matte solution that is both

    luxurious and affordable.

    Crystal Board Prime Gloss High Gloss and Velvet (matte) laminate is

    manufactured using world class co-extrusion technology,

    bonded to various substrates using a very thin layer of high

    performance polyurethane (PUR) adhesive to produce Crystal Board Prime Gloss

    panels which are supplied ready to fabricate. Matching edge

    tapes for use with both hot melt glues and heat activating

    edge banders are also available. Creating decorative elements

    including curves and wide edges is easy using our matching

    1mm and 1.2mm thick Crystal Board Prime Gloss laminate.

  • Crystal Board Prime Gloss High Gloss and Velvet Panels are manufactured tostringent internationally recognized quality standards and willsuit any residential, retail, commercial, cultural or institutionalproject where a ripple free, highly durable and easy to maintain

    contemporary finish is desired.

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